Mortgage Loans

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Buying a new home should be a pleasant experience.

We’d like to help make it that way by taking the worry out of applying for a mortgage.

Select A Mortgage Loan To Fit Your Financial Situation. Before you apply for your mortgage loan, you’ll need to decide which type of loan may be right for you.

  • Conventional Loans have a fixed interest rate and monthly payment for the entire life of the loan. It’s easy to budget for this type of loan because your payment will always be the same. The interest rate on a conventional mortgage loan is generally higher than an adjustable interest rate mortgage.
  • FHA Loans offer lower interest rates, require a relatively small down payment, and are insured through the Federal Housing Administration.
  • Manufactured Housing Loan-New and used mobile homes
  • Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans-Rural families and individuals may be eligible to become homeowners with the help of a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guaranteed loan.
  • VA-U.S. Mortgage Loan guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.  The loan may be issued to qualified buyers.

Monthly Mortgage Payment Guide

Mortgage Amount 4% APR5% APR6% APR7% APR8% APR
$60,000 $286$322$360$399$440
$80,000 $382$429$480$532$587
$100,000 $477$537$600$665$734
$120,000 $573$644$719$798$881
$140,000 $668$751$839$931 $1,028
$160,000 $764$859$959 $1,064 $1,174
$180,000 $859$966 $1,079 $1,198 $1,321
$200,000 $955 $1,074 $1,199 $1,331 $1,468

Once you know approximately how much home is in your price range, use the guide below or our convenient Mortgage Loan Calculator to estimate your monthly payments based on the principal and interest. Closing costs are normally paid in a lump sum at the time you take out the loan. Other annual costs such as taxes, insurance and mortgage life insurance are also not included on the chart, but may be added to your monthly payments.